The Apohdian Theater Portland Maine

Friday, April 19th

Maine Elements of Film is a rotating genre series dedicated to showcasing short films from Maine and around the world. There are as many subgenres of film as there are elements in the periodic table. We’re exploring them like chemists. Our inaugural presentation THAW offers a collection of comedic short films designed to melt away the winter blues. Think of it as an unholy marriage of the underground and the accessible. These indie shorts are guaranteed to make you laugh…or drain all the moisture from your eyeballs… maybe both. Either way, it should be a good time.

THAW consists of 12 shorts with a total running time of 108 minutes.


Sac de Merde

U.S.A., 13 minutes. Directed by Greg Chwerchak

Based on a true story, “Sac de Merde” tells the tale of Mazel Mankewicz, an unlucky-in-love yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker who thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams. As it turns out, he might just be full of shit. Literally.

Buff Dude

Maine, 3 minutes. Directed by  Paul Sandberg and Andreas Aronsson

Music video for the song “Buff Dude,” co-written by Paul Sandberg and Andreas Aronsson. In the video, Paul explains how he will become a buff dude by eating better and staying away from Irving Gas Station on Commercial St.

Seafood Diet

U.S.A., 10 minutes. Directed by Max Levine

A movie about a bad joke.

The Now, Is The Now

U.S.A., 4 minutes. Directed by Sam Osborn

Radio hosts Stew and Bud discuss how things change over time and whether or not that’s a good or bad thing.

Shakespeare House

Maine, 16 Minutes. Directed by Alex Sutula and Noah Bragg

An average guy tries to live his life in a house overrun with Shakespearean actors.  


Portugal, 1 minute. Directed by André Almeida Rodrigues

A karmic comedy.

The Little Things

Maine, 7 minutes. Directed by Daniel Sinclair, Naomi Williams, and Avery Ring

A car salesman quits his job in search of something greater.


Maine, 12 minutes. Directed by Andrea Nilosek and Stewart Engesser

Story time at a kids therapy camp gets weird.


Finland, 13 minutes. Directed by Silva Kuusniemi

Armed with her book “The ABC of Seduction”, a bored and romantic teenage girl disrupts her lazy summer by befriending a mysterious new boy who moves next door – leading to romance and potential damnation.

New Dab

U.S.A., 4 minutes. Directed by Stanley Sievers

Will shows Stanley his new, and highly personal, take on the popular “dab” dance move.

RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin

Netherlands, 10 minutes. Directed by Rene Nuijens

‘RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin’ is a dry tragic musical comedy (short) film about a gipsy guy who does think he can be famous by writing a song for the first man in the space ‘YURI GAGARIN’

For the Love of Kyle

Maine, 16 mins. Directed by The Campbell brothers.

What if you found out you were just a character in a movie? And what if you didn’t like the movie? “For the Love of Kyle” is a satire of b-grade, romance/crime, made-for-tv movies with an element of sci-fi.

Warm up with a live stand up comedy pre-show and post-show awards.

Doors at 7:00

Show at 7:30